Polls Results – Best Games of 2018

Thank you everyone, Polls are closed!

Based on 2018 Ping Awards Selection, we open few polls for public to vote for 2018 best games.

I would like to thanks each and everyone who participate!

2018 Best Games Winners

2018 Best PC Game

Collecting 44% of the votes, Unruly Heroes from Magic Design Studio is the winner of Best PC Game Category!

Unruly Heroes is is a 2D action-packed platformer inspired by the famous chinese novel «Journey to the West».  Developed by Magic Design Studio, based in Montpellier (France), Unruly Heroes will be released in December 2018 on PC and Consoles.

If you want to check its great arts, story and feature, we encourage you to visit those webpages:

2018 Best Console Game

2 thirds of the voters consider that “Detroit : Become Human” from Quantic Dream as the best! This is clearly a large victory.

Launched on the 25 of Mai 2018 on PS4, “Detroit: Become Human”, the new game of David Cage and edited by Sony Interactive Entertainment scored big on all metrics: Meta score of 78% and a User Score of 8.7 and 1.5Million copies sold.

Inspired by the short called “Kara” released in 2012 on PS3, the game is set in a near future where androids have been invented and are changing the fabric of society.

2018 Best Indie Game

A lot of really nice productions in Indie Category! With 50% of the votes, Seith CG win it with “Ghost of  Tale”: Congratz!

Released on March 13th 2018 on PC, GoAT is a man game! (with a little help of his friends). Lionel ‘Seith’ Gallat started to work on its project in 2012 and the game is going to be released on Xbox very soon. Oh, by the way, it received a 75 Metacritic Score and 1569 reviews on steam (very positive).

Want to know more? Set in a dark medieval fantasy world, players control Tilo, a small mouse minstrel, who must make his way through dungeons and lands full of danger while uncovering mysteries of the past.

Ping Awards Ceremony Live!

Tonight (29/10/2018)  is time for real Ping Award Ceremony and we will see if the jury had the same feelings as the voters.

You can follow the ceremony live, starting at 8 PM (UTC/GMT+2):

Ping Awards 2018-Votre Meilleur Jeu PC ?

Ping Awards

Conçus pour mettre à l’honneur la filière vidéoludique française, les Ping Awards récompensent annuellement, et depuis 5 ans déjà, les meilleurs créations du territoire au cours d’une cérémonie prestigieuse.


La 6 ème cérémonie des Ping Awards aura lieu le 29 octobre 2018 à la Cité des sciences et de l’industrie de Paris.

En reprenant la sélection établie par l’honorable Jury des Ping Awards, je vous propose de vous amusez à votre tour et de voter pour les différentes catégories!

Selon vous, qui en 2018, reprendra le flambeau de “Dishonored: La mort de L’outsider” (Bethesda Softworks) ?

Meilleur Jeu PC 2018

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