Meeting with a Video Game Editor: Charlotte Benoit

Charlotte Benoit aka Onidra Interview

Video game journalism is an essential part of the video game industry. But who are the video game journalists and publishers you are trying to reach to inform them about your game?

This series of interviews presents passionate human beings, but above all experienced video game press professionals.

It is a pleasure to introduce you as our guest today: Charlotte Benoit, Chief Editor at Game-Guide

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Spanish Indiegame #ScreenshotSaturday Selection, Ep 8

Flag of Spain

Special Edition dedicated to Spanish indie game studios’ #ScreenshotSaturday.

After last week’s focus on Italy, this is Spain time now.  Let’s see how Spanish video game studios are handling the quarantine. 

Discover their great games: Netherworld, HopeBringers RPG, Divinoids, GetApp, NightSwimming. and support them the best you can while staying safe at home!

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Meeting with Video Game Journalists: Rich & Britt

Interview of Rich and Britt

As a Public Relations Freelance, I meet with video game journalist in real life and contact them via internet. Passionate, kind and helpful persons. Video Game journalists are an essential link between your game and its audience. This series of interviews, of 10 questions each, presents experienced professional in the video game press from various outlets.

Today, it is a pleasure to introduce you to: Rich and Britt. Founder & Editor-in-Chief and Senior Reviewer at  Games Freezer.

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