Quarantine for video game developers and opportunities.

Coronavirus over the world

In quarantine like many of you, I have a few positive points that I have identified with the situation.

The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing governments to take drastic containment measures on the population in an attempt to contain and then defeat the virus. For a minimum of 15 days. These measures will weigh on our bodies, our minds, our relationships. Not to mention our finances. As part of my missions for video game studios, I am used to analyze, recommend solutions and design strategies to best promote video games.

You may argue that quarantine due to the coronavirus is a different context. Actually, it is quite the same. Goal is to perceive the opportunities available or to be seized.

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Meeting with a Video Game Journalist: Meitav Kleinfeld

Interview of Meitav Kleinfeld

Video game journalism is an essential part of the video game industry. But who are the journalists you are trying to reach for your video game PR?

This series of interviews presents passionate human beings and experienced players in the video game press.

It is a pleasure to introduce you as our first guest: Meitav Kleinfeld, Lead Editor of GamersPack.co.il and a Senior Editor at GamersPack.com.

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Video Game Journalists: 7 Essential Tips When Contacting Them

Reach Video Game Press

Contacting the video game journalists and getting publications in their outlets about your game can be a challenging task. Following these simple tips will still help you in the maneuver.

As a prerequisite you need a good story telling about your video game and brillant assets to promote it. Do not be fooled, this is only first steps of your journey. Actually, it’s the easiest because you have total control over it.

Then, you must grab the attention of the video game journalists and hope for some exposure in their media. If you consider the news and release schedule, you quickly understand that video game editors are overworked. Taking the following points into account when contacting members of the press does not guarantee that you will get publications about your indie game, but it will prevent you from falling directly into the limbo of their email inboxes.

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