How To Succeed in your Video Game Exposition

I was at a video game exposition last week-end:Indie Game Factory. If you are willing to attend to one of the many video game exposition around the globe, then you should read this.

How To Succeed your Video Game Exposition

Those events are fantastic  to get in touch with a lot of gamers. Indie studios should be prepared to that.

In fact, your game visibility is one of the most important key in a saturated market such as the Indie Game Market.

Prepare your Video Game Exposition

Most of indie studios were not enought prepared and didnt capitalize properly on this opportunity .

Best booths attract more gamers and the more gamers you have included in your game project, the best it is, right?

There is a difference between showing your game and giving an unforgettable experience to the gamers. As often, details make the difference and can turn a decent event to an incredible one for your game’s exposure.

8 Steps To Succeed your Video Game Exposition

Here is my tips to succeed your next video game exposition. It is an easy 8 steps check-list to remember. Hope this will help.

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