Indiegame #SaturdayScreenshot Selection, 1st Episode

My selection of 5 #ScreenshotSaturday of independent games that are worth checking out from last Saturday, January 25, 2020.

This is the first episode of a rubric whose point is to highlight some Indie Games that you may not know about.

1.Happy New Chinese Year

Red Limb Studio is a small, independent team of game developers from Polska.

Their upcoming game “Beat Me!” (Q1 2020) is a physics-based multiplayer game (up to 6 players) in which you play with comical fantasy characters in a wide variety of fun and surprising environments. The game can be played locally with friends or online to challenge the World.

2.The Year of the Rat

Talking about New Chinese Year, here is LabPets Escape from Mad Mindfox (Paul W., Timo H. and Yoana v. Grimm).

the German indie game studio challenges you with a sneaky room escape-survival platformer. A funky promise of fun ahead to follow until the expected release in Q1 202. #Lemmings

Twitter: @labpetsescape


3.Finish a Fight Quickly

Shadows of Larth is an action/adventure indie game including RPG elements and developed by Zine Falouti from Morocco. SoL is due to be released on February the 20th on Steam!

Carve your path in the realms of the Lower Larth and cleanse the land from Wind Corruption. Your choices and battles will determine your destiny.

Twitter: @gamesbyzine


4.Exploring a New World

Aquamarine is a quiet Survival Adventure in an Alien Ocean and is looking support from Gamers and Indielovers for their Crowdfunding Campaign

Moebial Studios is an international artist collective composed of 4 people whose members are located in Northern California, England, Brazil and Canada.

Twitter: @moebial


5.Embrace the Adventure

Kapia is a point and click 3D adventure indie game developed by PORT 5, a small family-based team of passionate.

Dive in a gloomy post-apocalyptic world full of witty characters and solve the mystery of war survivors that are forced to live under protective dome KAPIA.

Twitter: @KapiaGame

Twitter bis: @AnnaMimik


That is all for this first selection of Indiegame’s #SaturdayScreenshot of the New Chinese Year 😉 See you next week for more indie gems to discover. In the meanwhile, I invite tou to learn about my services for indie game studios!

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