Indiegame #ScreenshotSaturday Selection, Episode 2

My selection of 5 #ScreenshotSaturday of independent games that are worth checking out from Saturday the 1st of February, 2020.
This is the second episode of a rubric whose point is to highlight some Indie Games that you may not know about. Here is the first episode starring great indie studios!

1.Keep the Faith, You Indie Game Devs

Prime Cut Games is an independent studio based in portugal and composed of 4 members: Vaco, João, Sam and Eric. They love Pizza and interesting and innovative usage of art styles and themes in video game.

Their first title, still in development, Zealot is set in world inspired from Slavic culture. Zealot is a top down action / adventure game where you takes charge of a fallen priest willing to to cleanse the heretical Paganism.

Twitter: @ZealotGame


2.Video Game Development is full of Traps

Coming from Mineapolis, WALLRIDE realize Video Games, VR experiences and their expertise is for hire.

EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match is a juicy-ass local multiplayer game about demonic metalheads with elemental powers!

EleMetals game recent awards during game shows includes Best Prototype, Best in Show, Best Multiplayer and Best Art/Visual.

Twitter: @WallrideGames


Download EleMetals Demo on

3.Are you having the Indie Game Dev’s Nightmare?

anOVERTHINKER is a 2 persons team mixing their talents: Corina & Sergio.

Charming but also terrifying, their game “Scary Movie Night” is a horror/survival game where you try to escape from the different creatures of the night.

The game version is actually 0.1.0



4.Nights are sweeter for Fifo

Unity students from Lightbox Academy, school of Digital Arts in Madrid, Spain, are soon ready for the release of their game Fifo’s Night (Q1 2020). Need PR services? 🙂

Fifo wakes up in his grave in Candywood Cemetery, but there’s something wrong…
Explore and solve puzzles in an enchanted 3D platform environment.

Twitter: @fifosnight

School Website:

Wishlist Fifo’s Night on Steam

5.Deliver the inner demon

NotYetDev helped by Publisher Maple Whispering Limited are about to release WarriOrb soon (Q2 2020).

WarriOrb is an attractive platformer in which you play as a powerful demon trapped in an unlikely body.  Limbo, however, is not appealing to you as you must fight many demons and other magical creatures to regain your freedom and sanity.

Twitter: @NotYetDevs

Twitter bis: @MapleWhispering

Prologue Demo Free to Download 

Wishlist WarriOrb on Steam

That is all for the second selection of Indiegame’s #SaturdayScreenshot of , full of Night Creatures.
See you next week for more indie gems to discover.
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