Indiegame #ScreenshotSaturday Selection, Episode 5

Let’s now discover effective ways to have fun with Twitter and the famous #ScreenshotSaturday to effectively promote indie games.

Discover exceptional games in development and why I chose them in my selection of Saturday, February 22nd, 2020.

I hope these examples of indie studio communication will inspire you for your next #ScreenshotSaturday!

1.Describe your independent video game with precise and enchanting words

Picogram is a Solo dev|Artist from Pacific North West area with already few games available on including P.E Noire and Goodbye Doggy.

Rose city games, an indie studio born from love of games and community (Portland), and Viz Media are alongside Picogram to publish its video game.

Garden Story is all about helping community. A social S imulator/Adventure RPG where you protect inhabitants, solve mysteries and make friend as being the new village guardian and fruity cas of character.

Garden Story is set to be released in Spring 2020 on Steam.

Twitter: @picogram_art


2.Communication improves the kickstarter campaign visibility of your game

Garrick Campsey is a multi-talented person: Game Designer, Programmer, and Artist from Texas. He’s done pretty everything on LAZR and worked with William Kingston Davies as a composer.

LAZR publisher is Top Hat Studios, a development and publishing studio
based out of New York, with members around the world.

LAZR is a physics-enhanced platformer. Uniqueness of LAZR is in its gameplay whote emphasized sharply by its dynamic cloth simulations. You play LAZR, a fusion-powered killer android, jumping around through Alpha City One, a dangerous cyberpunk metropolis.

Ideal for Speedrunners!

Lazr releases on Pc, Mac, and Linux in November 2020 before coming soon afterwards consoles.

Twitter: @_mrgrak


3.Promote your video game with fireworks!

Polyblock (Thomas, Tom-Espen and Martin) is a small indie game developement studio member of Hamar Game Collective, a collaborative hub of game developers in Hamar, Norway.

Tanknarok is a fast-paced twin-stick shooter where 2-4 tanks battle it out across a wide range of exiting and hazardous arenas. Video Game project was born directly from developers bachelor’s thesis (Combat 2018) and won the Best Student Award at the Game Awards in December 2018.

Release is estimated for Q1-2020

Twitter: @polyblockstudio


4.People of video game press love art, give them your finest

Angelo, Jacob and a possible third artist person compose 1t1d Studios. Looks like a well-kept secret for now.

The Tarnishing of Juxtia is a 2D action-adventure game. Set in a pair of divine kingdoms torn apart by war and plague, you will probably have to face a bunch of evil people. Until we learn more about it, look at the Art: it is beautiful!

Twitter: @ttojgame


5.Use a famous reference to showcase your indie game

What can I say about Fat Gem Games except that this is a two person studio? Not much yet… but the video game looks cool!

Primal Light is a 2D action platformer being developed for Pc (Windows, Mac, and Linux). Inhabit Krog, a mysterious blue creature in a red loincloth during his perilous journey. Hack and slash your way through a labyrinth full of monsters and bosses.

Twitter:  @PrimalLightGame


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