Indiegame #ScreenshotSaturday Selection, Episode 9

My weekly #ScreenshotSaturday Selection ep 9 (March 28th) is online! With, this time, a spotlight on tweets and independent games from France.

Here are 5 cool French indie games to discover: follow them on Twitter, join them on Discord, Wishlist and Buy them!

1.Chill out with a Casual Survival Game

Kevin Drure is the solo game developer founder of Silver Bullet Games. Based near Montpellier, the historical place of video games in France.

Isle Of Spirits is a chill and casual survival game for PC and Xbox One. Beware of permadeath though!

Game is planned to be released this spring 2020. Very soon !

Twitter: @games_bullet


2.Take a Walk among the Stars

Synnaxium Studio is video game development studio currently in incubation at Plaine Images (Tourcoing – Nord).  The Studio’s goal is to make time-consuming genres accessible to an audience with limited playing time.

“Radiant Blade : With Light comes Darkness” is a precursor type narrative A-RPG. Much more information to come along the year.

Release of Radiant Blade is planned for Q1 2021 so far.

Twitter: @synnaxium


3.Community Matters for Indie Games

Thibaut and Maxime (Bordeaux) began their adventure a few months ago. No real studio name yet but a great game in development!

Heat and Run is a team game, a free platformer shooter that features 12 Heroes and Heroines with unique skills. Grab your Glocktail and Dynameats, and master the creation of Blocks to protect yourself and move to your goal: The Fire that the opposing faction is protecting!

Game is planned to be released for December 1st, 2021.

Twitter: @Heat_and_Run

Discord Server: Here!

4.Plan, Preview, Proceed!

Sébastien Dubois is an indie solo developer who already released the much acclaimed game Gladiabots.

No Plan B Game is a tactical planning game. You’ll have to complete your mission with a single plan. You have No Plan B, better take your time to make it perfect!

Game will be released… when ready 🙂

Twitter: @GFX47

Twitter bis: @NoPlanBGame



5.New Vilain comes into Play

Goblinz Studio is an independent game developer and publisher specialized in simulation and strategy games. Created and directed by Johann Verbroucht.

Legend of Keepers is a clever mix of Dungeon Management and Roguelite. You have been hired as a dungeon master by the Dungeon Company. Your mission is simple: protect their dungeons!

Legend of Keepers is already available on Steam, Humble and

Twitter: @LegendOfKeepers

Twitter: @studio_goblinz



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