Spanish Indiegame #ScreenshotSaturday Selection, Ep 8

Special Edition dedicated to Spanish indie game studios’ #ScreenshotSaturday.

After last week’s focus on Italy, this is Spain time now.  Let’s see how Spanish video game studios are handling the quarantine. 

Discover their great games: Netherworld, HopeBringers RPG, Divinoids, GetApp, NightSwimming. and support them the best you can while staying safe at home!

Be sure to support those fierce spanish indie game developers! They keep working on games and publish great #ScreenshotSaturday!

1.Jellyfish in Confinement

Hungry Pixel is an independent video game studio in Madrid. A team of 3 people composed of Isa Armentero, Dan Barreno and Albert Serra.

NetherWorld is about a weird jellyfish handling marriage crisis with alcohol, drugs, sex, blows and lots of odd characters. The video game is a pixel art action narrative experience, and also a dark and decadent land full of filthy creatures. 

NetherWorld is planned to be release in 2020/2021.

Twitter: @NetherWorldGame


2.HopeBringers Studio takes Advantage of Quarantine to work harder

Couldnot find much about the video game studio exept that it is an spanish indie one.

Hopebringers is a tabletop tactics RPG game, in which you manage a group of adventurers as if they were sculpture-like characters as they explore different dungeons. Hopebringers will bring the Dungeon and Dragons action and tabletop feeling but removing the majority of the percentages and random numbers making it more fast and direct.

Tigs forum mention a release on Mid May 2020 but I can not find a Steam page yet?

Twitter: @HopebringersRPG

Website: Dev Log on Tigsource forum

3.Divinoids do not care about Virus, do they?

Catpad is a Spanish Studio (or solo dev?) behind this Retro Arcade like Game. You can reach them on their Discord

Divinoids is a desperate struggle between a society much like our own, and highly advanced aliens piloting shapeshifting mechanical monstrosities… where you play as the aliens. Local Co-op Retro Arcade Game with modern gameplay sensibilities.

The game is scheduled for release in 2020 on Steam.

Twitter: @divinoids

4.Koala Games thanks the health staff

Koala Games is an indie studio based in Barcelona with Javi, Mathis, Edgar and Vanessa on Board.

Their last released game is GetApp, a 2 local coop game where you have to solve puzzles in order to progress through levels. It’s a calm day at San Charlisco. Char Lee and his coworkers are eating a paella when something explodes at M.E.O.W Corps HQ last floor, where their millionaire idea is stored in a pendrive. They need your help to rescue their prototype before it’s too late!

Twitter: @KoalaGamesDev , Includes a lot of fun vids!


5.Nightwimming as an Escape

Ludipe is a solo game designer, he  gives talks and travel around the world. He also developed the game: A Place for the Unwilling

Nightswimming is a quiet game about driving around delivering packages during a virus outbreak. Understanding how the interface works and discovering all you can do with it is part of the game.

A game made by Ludipe with effects (3D, trail and crash) made by Mateus Sales in about 2 days for notGDCJam 2020

Released and available on

Twitter: @Ludipe

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