Top 3 Communication Assets to promote your Video Game

Video game promotion can appear like a battlefield. Well, it’s no secret: it is!

150 new games are released on Steam every week and making your game visible is clearly a priority if you want to be able to live off it over time. Only fools go to battle unprepared. Here are the top 3 communication assets on which you must concentrate your efforts to promote your video game.

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Indie Game Press Release Focus- Skelittle: A Giant Party!!

A Press Release is a huge communication asset. It should focus on why your game is unique and why people should be interested in it (especially journalists). In addition, it should include eye-catching visuals and all the useful links that make it easier for journalists to do their job.

Here’s the press release I wrote for “Skelittle: A giant party!” I hope you’ll find it useful the next time you need to write one.

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