Video Game Journalists: 7 Essential Tips When Contacting Them

Reach Video Game Press

Contacting the video game journalists and getting publications in their outlets about your game can be a challenging task. Following these simple tips will still help you in the maneuver.

As a prerequisite you need a good story telling about your video game and brilliant assets to promote it. Do not be fooled, this is only first steps of your journey. Actually, it’s the easiest because you have total control over it.

Then, you must grab the attention of the video game journalists and hope for some exposure in their media. If you consider the news and release schedule, you quickly understand that video game editors are overworked. Taking the following points into account when contacting members of the press does not guarantee that you will get publications about your indie game, but it will prevent you from falling directly into the limbo of their email inboxes.

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PR Campaign Study of “Towards a Perilous Journey”, an Independent VR game.

Towards a Perilous Journey

Towards a Perilous Journey - Sparkly Games

Case Synopsis

Towards a Perilous Journey is a Virtual Reality Shoot’em Up. Designed to be a stimulating Bullet-hell experience, TPJ immerses you in a electro-musical atmosphere and a bright colored world. Brett, solo developer of the game, wanted to promote his game with its upcoming release on Oculus Rift and Viveport.

Towards a Perilous Journey is a VR twin-stick Shoot’em Up. Demanding and immersive, TPJ’s uniqueness is based on its two-handed gameplay and energy management to improve spaceships’ defensive and offensive arsenal.

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The Power of Press Releases for Indie Games

At some point while planning the marketing of your new -“best idea ever”- game, you might have heard some of the following questions being asked:

“We’ve never done a Press Release before…. What is it and why should my indie studio use it?”
“Who would be interested in my Press Release? How do I know I’m sending it to the right person?”
“When and where am I supposed to send a Press Release? How do we make it most effective?”
“How do we make up a great Press Release that will make a potential buyer want more info?”

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