Video Game Press Release Focus – Isle Of Spirits

As part of my new Press Relations Plans for solo game developers, I am responsible, among other things, for writing press releases.

After a talk with Kévin, we found out that he was not expressing the story of its game enough. This is something i often notice about indie devs. They have a great idea and once the start developping the game, they communicate more about gameplay mechanics or graphism than the root idea in itself.

Here, the main idea was to develop a casual survival game. As a fan of the survival game genre, Kevin knows that they’re too unsuitable for casual gamers (like Oxygen Not Included or others). This type of game is more for specialists…which is certainly not fair.

So I decided to put more emphasis on the very nature of the game to present it to the press one month before its official release on June 10th on Steam and Xbox. Here is the press release. If you’re interested in receiving a Steam or Xbox code to cover the game, please contact me.

While announcing the release date, the goal is to make people understand the essence of the game. It’s not just a survival game. It’s a survival game for all types of players. The reference to Robinson Crusoe goes that way. Far from being a casual adventure for his character, it is surely the most famous shipwreck story and a direct link to Isle of Spirits.

Also, as far as the key features are concerned, they are listed in a logical order to build on the casual but challenging experience and with a learning curve designed accordingly by Kevin, the game’s solo developer.

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