About Me

Who am I? Who is Longshot Indie?

professional marketer with more than 7 years of professional experience in Marketing and Community Management fields. Today, I am providing my Marketing expertise to independent game studios.

I first became a video gamer with my Commodore Amiga (a long time ago), spent a long time playing console games with friends, and these days I tend to be more of a PC-based gamer. Gradually, mobile gaming is taking up more and more of my game time.

Most of all, being a gamer of all types of games (video-, card-,  and board games) gave me the opportunity to organize international boardgame events,  start an online-poker related company, and many more game-related initiatives.

In my long career, I have realized successful marketing campaigns, as well as created strong and fully-engaged communities, especially relevant in entertainment and gaming markets (e.g., Games Workshop’s BloodBowl, Poker). Check out my proven track record page.

Looking for an expert marketer? Someone with a strong passion for all forms of Gaming? Someone able to understand your universe, your mission and your market?

Congratulations, you have found me! Now, tell me more about you and your indie game!

Yohann aka Longhot Indie