Indie Games Marketer


Over the past five years, we’ve worked closely with dozens of solo game developers and tiny indie studios to promote their independent games. We know the challenges you face in marketing games: time, competition, lack of contacts, and budget.

Indie Games Marketer is the solo-dev department of the video game marketing agency Sparks Forge. You benefit from all the quality and know-how of the agency’s passionate team, at a friendly rate for solo developers.

Thanks to our experience and our multidisciplinary expertise, we have designed a list of services specifically designed to meet your objectives for promoting your video game: visibility, discoverability, notoriety, and sales.

By our choice of a unique positioning dedicated to solo developers, our values of transparency, and our quality support, we can affirm that we are more than an agency, we are your partners.



Based on our experience in assisting solo developers to promote their independent games, we have designed a limited set of services to best meet your needs and goals within your budget.

We know that each project is unique. The list of services proposed above is not exhaustive and we accompany you in many complementary fields such as the management of a Kickstarter campaign, community management, publisher research…

Contact us and tell us about your needs so that we can define together the best strategy for your video game.



Marketing services designed specifically for solo developers.


Over 25 great solo developers and games supported already.


Benefit from a full squad of experts in Marketing, PR, and communication by your side.


Our support is adapted to your budget.


I highly recommend working with Yohann

Yohann has been instrumental in the planning and execution of the Conscript Kickstarter campaign.  Without him, it would have been impossible to manage this campaign by myself.

Marketing is often the last thing on our minds as developers, so it’s okay to reach out for help! Yohann offers essential marketing services at indie affordable rates, and I would highly recommend working with him if you need assistance in the marketing department.

Jordan 'JD' Mochi - CEO

Perfect for a dev single player

Kévin Drure

Yohann was able to grasp the concept of the game from the very first moment, which he described perfectly in a quality press release. I enjoyed following the evolution in real-time and his precious advice. Perfect for a dev single player like me, who’s jumping in the water!

I would add that the pro relationships have a real human side, looking forward to working with him again.

Kévin Drure - CEO

A Great Help for a one-man

Clément, CEO Play Together Studio

Yohann quickly understood the game and wrote a kickass press release. He has a great knowledge of the gaming business and how things work.

Definitely a great help for a one-man operation like myself!

Clément Marthe - CEO


I am satisfied with Yohann’s performance, in particular the size of the reached audience and the insistence he has in the follow-up among journalists and influencers. (…)

I appreciated the fact that I was kept informed very regularly and synthetically of the progress of the campaign.

Brett Ridle - Sparkly Games CEO