Indie Games Marketer

Hey Welcome!

My name is Yohann, I’m located in Bordeaux, France, and I deal every day with independent developers, artists, content creators, streamers and video game journalists. And I love it!

Member of the Bordeaux Video Game Professionals Cluster, I also teach public relations, marketing and social media strategy to undergraduate students.

Humanly enriched by my years living abroad (especially in London) and by my professional experiences, I decided to dedicate myself to independent games and to bring my expertise to studios for the promotion of their creations.

Gaming, human relations and strategy are important components of my life. I have a strong competitive background in Team Fortress Classic, Bloodbowl, Chess, Starcraft and Poker.

Let’s get in touch!

Me with a Fan wearing a Great Mustache


After a first exchange with you about your project, I submit a proposal of services corresponding to your game, its market, your objectives and your budget.


All my service rates are guaranteed Indie-Friendly


I care about the success of your game! I am at your side in this adventure and I bring you all my support and expertise to accompany you in the best way possible.


More than 10 years of experience in PR, marketing and social media. My clients are the ones who speak best of me.


In marketing, results are decisive! I will do my utmost to meet and exceed your goals.