Marketing Services for Solo Developers


Gaming Influencer Marketing

“A Brand Is No Longer What We Tell The Consumer It Is — It Is What Consumers Tell Each Other It Is.”

— Scott Cook

The rise of influencer marketing and the impact of game content creators on the visibility and success of a video game are no longer in question. We design and run efficient organic gaming influencer campaigns to maximize the visibility of your video game at key moments to generate sales.

Video Game Influencer Campaign Details

  • Strategy definition
  • Edition of a contact base of relevant influencers
  • Individual outreach with content creators
  • Presentation of your game
  • Game code management
  • Influencers and videos tracking
  • Reporting and analysis of the campaign

Gaming Influencer Marketing Service Offering

  • Organic Gaming Influencer Campaign
  • Paid Influencer Marketing Campaign
Please reach us regarding an inquiry on Paid Influencer Marketing.
Bonus/Tips: Some great and audience-relevant Youtubers and Twitchers accept to participate without being paid.

Press Relations

“If I only had two dollars left I would spend one dollar on PR.”

— Bill Gates

Press Relations

Good public relations, with excellent storytelling, is the best lever to build awareness for a video game, a solo developer, a game studio, or any other company.

We orchestrate multi-point press campaigns with the international gaming media, including the creation of press kits, the writing of professional press releases and sending them to our contact base, and direct follow-ups.

Video Games Press Relations Campaign Details

  • Strategy definition
  • Filter and selection of relevant media and editors from our contact base
  • Professional Press Releases drafting
  • Outreach Media and Gaming Editors Campaigns
  • Game codes management
  • Press and articles/Reviews publications tracking
  • Reporting and analysis of the campaign

Press Relations Services Offering

  • Press Relations full campaign
  • One-time sending off a press release

Bonus/Tips: We will advise you of opportunities to submit your indie game to video game shows.

Video Game Trailer Design

“Trailers have become a centerpiece of video game promotion.”

— Jan Švelch

Video Game Trailer Design

Trailers are probably the best assets to promote your game. It is a very digest and engaging content for gamers that you can distribute on many media: Steam and console store page, press releases,  influencer kit, social networks, ads, and game show.

We know the industry codes and what drives gamers. We design and edit eye-catching, top-quality trailers to be distributed to all platforms and media.

Trailer Design Details

  • Screenplay edition
  • Usage of your in-game rushes
  • In-game rush recording by us
  • Motion Design: titling and endslate insertion
  • Video edition

Trailer Design Services Offering

  • 30-seconds Trailer or Teaser
  • 1-2 minutes Trailer
  • Gameplay videos

Bonus/Tips: Benefits from our feedback on your existing video assets

Steam Page Creation

“If you’re an independent developer who prefers a premium business model, there’s an excellent chance that your business is built around Steam”

— Marie Dealessandri

Steam page Creation

Creating and managing Steam store pages is key to attracting players, converting them, and generating sales.

Steam is probably the best store to market your game on PC. The design of your steam page is of strategic importance for your marketing, because ultimately this is where the sales of your video game is done. For the same reason, each PC or console store page where your game will be distributed will be crucial.

We have experience designing attractive and conversion-effective Steam pages, and other PC/console store pages. We present the uniqueness of your game with the right hook, description and keywords, eye-catching visual assets, strategic tag selection, and other tricks.

You should consider combining your Steam store activity with other marketing and promotional activities to maximize discoverability, collect wishlists, and increase sales.

Steam Page Creation Details*

  • Market analysis on Steam
  • Listing of best practices in your niche
  • Analysis of your visual content and recommendations
  • Edition of a catchy hook
  • Setting up an efficient presentation structure
  • Attractive description of the strengths of your game and its universe
  • Insertion of eye-catching visuals
  • Selection of strategic tags
  • Configuration of back-office options

*Please, note that the process described above will be the same for any other PC/Console store. However, each of them has technical differences for their implementation and local marketing management.

Steam Page Creation Offering

  • Steam Page Creation
  • Steam Page Review and Optimization (if already public)
  • Other PC/Console Store Page Creation
  • Other PC/Console Store Page Review and Optimization (if already public)

Bonus/Tips: The elements of your Steam page can be reused in many promotional ways.