What Indie Game Developers need to know about Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads for indie gamedevs

Facebook ads are a powerful tool for your video game marketing. I am proud and happy to welcome Andrew Pappas on the blog to share his expertise on the subject.

Andrew Pappas is an indie game marketer and host of the Indie Game Movement podcast. One of the areas he specializes in is paid advertising and shares some valuable insights in hopes his expertise can help indie devs with future advertising campaigns.

Have you ever wanted to save time, build your community and learn more about prospective fans when it comes to promoting your game?

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Harness the Seed Idea of your video game to its full potential.

Indie Game Seed Idea

Seed Idea of a game is a crucial element for a video game. It’s something I try to find out every time I meet new developers. I introduced this concept recently in the Indie Game Movement Podcast. I was invited to talk about how independent game developers should approach public relations. As a freelancer, I like to work with new people on new games. That said, what’s new for me is possibly a 3 years project already.

As a partner, I need to understand the project as deep as possible. That’s why I always ask a lot of questions. I need to perceive it from the outside as a player and from the inside as a team member. Knowing the story of a game is really important to set up good marketing and communication strategies.

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How to budget your own indie game?

Today, we are inviting another blogger to share his experience in game development. Benoit Freslon will learn us how to budget an indie game.

How much cost the production of my video game? It is possible de develop a video game for free?

If you start to make your own games, you MUST ask you this important question: “How to estimate the budget to make my indie game?” even if you are a solo dev.

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Top 3 Communication Assets to promote your Video Game

Video game promotion can appear like a battlefield. Well, it’s no secret: it is!

150 new games are released on Steam every week and making your game visible is clearly a priority if you want to be able to live off it over time. Only fools go to battle unprepared. Here are the top 3 communication assets on which you must concentrate your efforts to promote your video game.

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