Conscript’s Kickstarter: a singularity in today’s universe of video game crowdfunding?

Conscript Kickstarter and Demo

Conscript’s Kickstarter campaign can write a unique page in video game crowdfunding book. Not by setting up new records but by the singular rhythm of its funding.

About a month and a half ago, JD contacted me to help him with the Kickstarter campaign of Conscript.

Conscript is a survival horror game set in the trenches of Verdun during World War I.

The game immediately seduced me by its influences linking it to Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Also, the game reveals unique graphics close to pixel art and a genuine disturbing atmosphere.

With only one month to prepare the fundraising campaign and no real community at the beginning, the challenge is quite big. But the work done by JD, as solo dev on Game Maker during the last 3 years, in addition to his studies in History, is bluffing. I clearly believe in his outstanding project at 200%.

We fight every day to make Conscript part of Kickstarter’s History…

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PR Campaign Study of “Towards a Perilous Journey”, an Independent VR game.

Towards a Perilous Journey

Towards a Perilous Journey - Sparkly Games

Case Synopsis

Towards a Perilous Journey is a Virtual Reality Shoot’em Up. Designed to be a stimulating Bullet-hell experience, TPJ immerses you in a electro-musical atmosphere and a bright colored world. Brett, solo developer of the game, wanted to promote his game with its upcoming release on Oculus Rift and Viveport.

Towards a Perilous Journey is a VR twin-stick Shoot’em Up. Demanding and immersive, TPJ’s uniqueness is based on its two-handed gameplay and energy management to improve spaceships’ defensive and offensive arsenal.

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