PR Campaign Study of “Towards a Perilous Journey”, an Independent VR game.


Towards a Perilous Journey – Sparkly Games

Case Synopsis

Towards a Perilous Journey is a Virtual Reality Shoot’em Up. Designed to be a stimulating Bullet-hell experience, TPJ immerses you in an electro-musical atmosphere and a brightly colored world. Brett, the solo developer of the game, wanted to promote his game with its upcoming release on Oculus Rift and Viveport.

Towards a Perilous Journey is a VR twin-stick Shoot’em Up. Demanding and immersive, TPJ’s uniqueness is based on its two-handed gameplay and energy management to improve spaceships’ defensive and offensive arsenal.


TPJ is the first game developed by Sparkly Games. When I first met Brett, the game was already available on Steam for a few months but was lacking visibility.

With upcoming releases on the Oculus Rift and Viveport platforms, Brett has entrusted me with the Public Relation Campaign Management of Towards a Perilous Journey.

For this mission, we agreed on a pricing system partly based on objectives to be achieved.

Public Relations Strategy Implemented

To improve the visibility of TPJ, we set up a two-step communication campaign announcing the upcoming release of the game targeting the VR Video Game Press and Bloggers.

E-mail campaign Data Screenshot

At the same time, we organized a “Launch contest” for VR Youtubers and Twitchers. Registered content creators receive a dedicated newsletter and exclusive spaceships skins. Brett also included new types of video recording in his game and extra spaceship skins for the contest.

Results Achieved

Sparkly Games and I agreed on objectives to reach for the campaign. Nevertheless, I never consider the minimum as an objective, but I go for the maximum possible exposure for any game.

As a result of the PR campaign produced, Towards a Perilous Journey gained high visibility in VR Game Press and among VR Influencers. Exceeding the objectives defined at the beginning.


  • 27 articles (news and reviews) including coverages from VRFocus, ETR, Skarred Ghost. Check our Press Review.
  • 1 VRGameCritic review from VRgrid (6.5/10)
  • 25 videos (First steps, Let’s Play, Review) from 22 unique content creators
  • 1st game to be featured in the new “IndéScriptible” video series from ETR
  • 623 minutes of video exposure on Youtube and Twitch
  • Numerous feedback from editors and Influencers to learn from

Sparkly Games Testimonial

‘ I am satisfied with Yohann’s performance, in particular the size of the reached audience and the insistence he has in the follow-up among journalists and influencers. (…)
I appreciated the fact that I was kept informed very regularly and synthetically of the progress of the campaign.’

Brett Ridle
Sparkly Games CEO