Meeting with a Video Game Editor: Pavlos Papapavlou

Video game journalism is an essential part of the video game industry. But who are the gaming editors you are trying to reach to promote your video game?

This series of interviews presents passionate human beings and experienced professionals in the video game press.

Today, it is a pleasure to introduce you to Pavlos Papapavlou, Editorial Director at

Pavlos Papapavlou

Pavlos Papapavlou, Editorial Director at

Co-founder of Enternity, Pavlos is an experienced editor in the field of video games and tech. He has notably worked for gaming media such as Gamepro and the Official PlayStation Magazine.

Hello Pavlos, could present us, please?

Enternity is one of the biggest independent entertainment portals in Greece, operating since 2011. We have an editorial team of about 15 people, most of them members of the specialized press for over 10 years in various publications.

What was your background before you became the Editorial Director at

I’m working as a gaming and tech editor since 1996. In 1998 I started working as a tech journalist full time and during the next couple of years, I was the editor in chief for the most successful magazines in Greece like GamePro and Official PlayStation Magazine.

After 2005 I started working on various sites in Greece and in 2010 I decided to create my own website (with 2 friends), which is Logo

As Editorial Director there, what are the tasks you’re in charge of?

I am in charge of communicating with all the companies, discussing features and opportunities, some day-to-day tasks, moderating all the social media stuff for and also being in contact with our editor in chief and all the community.

What is the most important constraint you face on a regular basis?

Our biggest problem is that many of the companies in the industry don’t have offices, we are working mostly with distributors and the small size of the Greek market isn’t really helpful here. The budgets are low, most of the time we are getting paid via some ad companies after 6-9 months and it’s not that easy to evolve and get even bigger.

Also, due to the size of the market and the absence of many local offices, we are not attending many events, so there is a difficulty in creating original content.

How would you describe the video game market in Greece?

Greece is an emerging market, and the publishers seem to not pay attention that much. Due to the crisis, the last 6 years were really difficult for the consumers also. Digital sales are getting bigger every year, but we are one of the few countries where retail is still strong.

Is there a particular love for independent gaming at

We don’t love specific indies or not. We love all the games and we cover as many titles as possible. The indies can find us easily, so we get a lot of codes from the to review their products.

When you receive a press release, what makes you want to cover a game?

It depends on the topic of the game, the background of the team, and sometimes on the genre.

Do you have any advice to give to indie developers on what content to transmit to you?

It’s really good to try to approach every media in every country. Sometimes we have to chase some of them to have a copy, but since they release their games mostly online, it’s helpful to create some content for the Greek consumers.

Do you remember which game triggered your passion for video games?

My parents loved videogame also, so I had the opportunity to have all the consoles being released since Atari. So I loved them and I am happy I am working in this industry.

Where do you live in Greece? What does it look like?

I live in Athens. It’s the capital of Greece, all the companies are here. Athens is really sunny and everyone should pay a visit (and see Acropolis also) 😊

Thank you Pavlos for your availability and also for this nice trip to Greece 😉 save us a room!

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